IRF is equipped with the following equipment ror Master batch mixing and accelerator addition.

–          Mistake proof weighing system

–          35 liters Kneader with eonveyer

–          16″X42″Open mixing mill with stock blender

–          14″X 36“Open mixing mill

mixing1 mixing2

in addition to this facility IRP has a strong and experienced professional team of Rubber Technologists, who can formulate compounds to meet any stringent specification. They can also suitably formulate the mix, to meet end product requirements such as Deflection parameters on  Mountings, Bushes etc., on Moulded parts and performance and endurance testing on Hoses.


hose1 hose2

IRP is a highly reputed manufacturer of Radiatorand Coolant system hoses for the Automotive Industry. In addition to this IRP is also making Vacuum hoses, Oil return horses, Air in take hoses, Turbocharger hoses and wire inserted flexible hoses for automobiles.

hose3 hose4

Equipment for Hose Production

–          Cold feed Extruders 100mm, 70mm

–          Vertical braiding machines 24. 36 & 48 carriers

–          Horizontal Braiding machines 36 & 48carriers

–          Horizontal Knitting machines 2. 3 & 4 heads

–          3 ROII Calendar 1O“X 30″

–          Hose making chuck

–          Vulcanizer1.25mtrs dia X 4.5mtls long

–          Vulcanizer1.50mtrs dia x 3.5mtrs long

Equipment for Moulded parts production

–          Injection Moulding machines 1000CC 100 Ton 400x500mm

–          VACCUM Moulding machines 200 Ton 450x450mm, 160 Ton 450x450mm

–          PLC Draw out presses 125 Ton 450x450mm,  350x350mm

–          PLC compression moulding presses 100Ton 350x350mm

–          Hydraulic presses 200 Ton 600x600mm